What’s So Great About Type 4 Hair Anyway?

What’s So Great About Type 4 Hair Anyway?

Ok, hear us out…

Simply put, Type 4 hair is magical! Its versatility is virtually unmatched.

We can - and often do - talk about curly hair products for days, yet there isn’t a single cream, spray or conditioner out there that can help you rock those natural curls more than your natural confidence. Loving the way you look can make ALL the difference between an unimpressive look, or drawing all the eyes in the room to your gorgeous crown. When everything is on point, no one can tell you a thang!

So, to help keep your curl confidence in check, let’s talk about what’s so great about type 4 hair. We are here to tell you why you should be glad you’ve got it because we’re obsessed!

woman with type 4 curls on a blue background

First off, what are type 4 curls?

Well, hair typically falls into one of four separate categories, which describe its natural texture. Type 1 is straight, type 2’s wavy, type 3 is curls, and type 4 is serious curls

Once we get into the 4-range, it can be tricky to tell whether you’re a 4b or a 4c. So here’s how to tell if you’re rocking a 4c do or if you’re a 4b queen (‘cause let’s face it, we believe both are fire!):

  • 4a hair is characterized by its spiral curls. The strands may be fine and delicate. This type 4 hair is sometimes described as being "wiry".
  • With 4b hair, you’re probably looking at zig-zaggy hair, and curls that zap from one place to another
  • 4c types are generally sporting thicker coils, the curls may be less defined. It is the kinkiest and most tightly curled of the three that fall into type 4. 

So, all in all, if you’re rocking a type 4 head of hair – it is likely to be tighter curls, progressing to a Z-pattern, that looks more like coils than wavy, S-shaped curls. 

Okay, now that we shared all of that…let us blow your mind with one teensy-weeny secret: you’re probably a mix. Many people are. In fact, it’s just much more common for someone’s hair to actually be a mix of multiple types of curl than a single one. So, it’s possible your hair is somewhere in-between, which will give us naturalistas, all the more room to play!

Why You Should Be Obsessed with Type 4 Curls

Let's get started on why we think Type 4 curls are fantastic and why you should be as obsessed with them as we are!

1. It’s hella flexible.

For those of you thinking Type 4 hair is a mess, sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The truth of the matter is, this type hair is one of the most flexible which makes it so fun to style! You can wear your hair in tight coils (what we sometimes call a shrunken afro), or you can style those babies out into longer, slightly looser waves, curls and coils.

Natural hair, in general, is super flexible, and can hold out well in a bunch of different hairstyles, which gives you a lot more room to play than other hair types. See our You Tube page for some super fun hairstyles to try with your Type 4 mane. The options are endless.

2. Your hair defies gravity.

Can you say abracadabra? If you stop and think about the way your hair is built, and all that yummy bounce your curls are endowed with, how can you not feel blessed to have ‘em? Type 4 hair is usually the most voluminous out of all hair types and manages to hold some insanely unbelievable positions or shapes.

Again, this gives you a lot more styling options that you’d have with other types of hair. A 1c, for instance, could never hold the hairstyles that a 4c can rock (like a frohawk, or a complex braid-out). Though that’s not to say we don’t absolutely love 1c queens, also!

3. It can be low-maintenance.

We can feel the rebuttal coming, just give us a minute to explain. Now, we’re not saying you’re not looking at your own set of challenges with Type 4 hair. After all, no hair type is 100% perfect, and that comes with the territory. But one of our favorite upsides about this hair type is its ability to hold a style for longer periods of time.

Did you know that styling your 4a, b or c hair into one of the endless protective hairstyles at your disposal can take off the pressure of restyling your hair on a daily basis? 

Of course, if you’re anything like us, you love doing your hair any chance you get. But they don’t call ‘em protective hairstyles for nothing, and being able to maintain one for several weeks or maybe months will give your hair a beautifully stylish and truly low-maintenance break. (And, who can’t use a break sometimes?)

girl with type 4c coily hair on a blue background

4. It’s more popular than you think.

Last but certainly not least, Type 4 coils are everywhere. Red-carpet queen Lupita Nyong-o is, perhaps, best known for rocking that 4c crown in all its wonderful, versatile glory. Rocking everything from a perfectly sculpted TWA to an unconventional skyscraper updo, the actress certainly redefines what it means to be curly in Hollywood.

Dope queen Jessica Williams is also known for her perfect halo-round immense ‘fro (though she will dabble in the occasional protective hairstyle). One thing that’s never missing is the attitude this naturalista and her hair gives us. 

Type 4 hair is literally being imitated on the daily. Even Type 1’s are PAYING money to get their straight hair as close to a 4 texture as possible. Don’t believe us? Do a quick google search of "straight hair to afro" and see for yourself!

Bottom line - rock those coils!

There have been way too many bad messages surrounding type 4 hair and its texture. Let them know we've entered the chat! We're here to serve as a balancing voice to this nonsense, and we're thrilled to highlight our Type 4 curlfriends. We LOVE EVERY CURL AND our goal is to pour love into our curl community. 

Your natural hair is a blessing regardless if it comes in the wavy 2’s, looser 3 curls, or zappy 4 coils— PERIODT!

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