5 Natural Hair Myths: Don’t Believe the Hype!

5 Natural Hair Myths: Don’t Believe the Hype!

We’ve all heard them, those pesky myths about natural hair that just won’t die. “You can’t go swimming with natural hair!” “Your hair is too short, thick, coarse to go natural.” “Honey, your hair won’t curl!” “Natural hair is dry and brittle!” Sheesh! Where do these stories come from? It can be hard to know what to believe when it comes to taking care of our curls, coils and kinks. So today, we are debunking the 5 most common natural hair myths because they just ain’t true!


Myth #1: My hair is too short/thick/coarse for me to go natural

Umm, says who?

If you fell for this misconception, give yourself some grace, because most of us grew up believing it. The conventional explanation for this myth is that many naturalistas have to deal with a period of awkwardness and lots of challenges during the transition from relaxed to natural hair. 

Don’t be “scurred”! Don’t believe the hype. We’d like to put this myth to rest since it is based on a standard of beauty that is skewed or may not apply to you. We are not trying to oversimplify your hair journey but we also don’t want it seem like a complicated hardship. It’s your crown! It deserves your time, patience and TLC. Remember, you are approaching and experiencing your hair in a whole new way. The right attitude and products can make ALL the difference.

The truth is…no matter the length, thickness or texture of your hair, you can go natural and rock a stunning look. There are countless styles that will work for any type of curl pattern without requiring hours upon hours of manipulation. Just have fun and see what works for you. Take a look at our Get the Look section for some ideas and enjoy your hair’s creativity in all its glory!


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Myth #2: You can’t go swimming with natural hair, it will get ruined!

Sis, we need to figure out who started this rumor because this is one of the most common myths we hear, and it’s just not true! 

If you want to go on vacation or baecation and swimming is on the agenda, let it be known that you can and you shall jump into that infinity pool if you so desire. Our hair will not be the reason to miss out on the fun.

There are plenty of ways to protect your hair while you enjoy a refreshing dip. Try wearing a swim cap and braiding your hair into cornrows. Also, you should be applying a generous amount of Leave-In Conditioner before you get wet. Look no further than our Restorative Leave-In Conditioner or Untangle Me for nourishing properties that will provide great protection before making a splash.💦 

Simple steps like these, will help keep your hair healthy and hydrated all summer long…and not put a damper on your dip.


Myth #3: Natural hair is dry and brittle!

Hold on a second while we educate you on this. 

Just think about this…is it easier or quicker to get down a straight path versus a curved or zig zag path? Well, the same applies for your curls! Based on your natural curl pattern, it would make sense that natural oils from the scalp do not travel down the length of the hair as easily as it would with straight or wavy hair. While curls may be susceptible to being drier than its straight counterparts, that doesn't mean your hair is handicapped in any way. In fact, properly cared-for natural hair is quite resilient.  

The key to healthy natural hair is finding the proper balance of moisture and hydration. If you find that your hair is feeling dry or brittle, it may be due to over-processing or damage from heat styling, or simply neglect. Your hair needs routine TLC and homegirl will let you know if you're slacking. Take a look at our Condition, Prime & Style Bundle for one of our best trio collections and remember to make sure you get hydrating benefits from every product you apply to your curls. Your hair will thank you later.

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Myth #4: Natural hair is super strong!

This one always gets us because, on the surface, it seems like a compliment. But if you think about it, this myth can be as self-defeating as the others. While this may sound like a contradiction to Myth #3, both statements are on extreme ends and that's a big no-no. 

Natural hair is a figure of speech that perpetuates the idea or perception that our strands are indestructible. With this narrative, you may believe that you don't need to care for your hair since it can handle everything you throw at it. The fact is, naturally curly hair can be just as susceptible to damage as any other hair type. The key is to treat your hair with love and care, using products that will nourish, hydrate and strengthen it. This will bring out the true resilience and beauty of your crown.


Myth #5: Natural hair is not professional! 

This one runs deep because you might have even been told this by a well-meaning family member or friend. But we are here to tell you that this statement is complete and utter nonsense!

Your natural hair is and always will be unique! In today's society, more and more people are embracing their natural hair in the workplace. This has been a long time coming, and although we still have a long way to go, we need to recognize that the modern natural hair movement has changed professional perception in the workplace in just a decade! How amazing is this? 

Natural hair comes in all shapes, sizes, and textures, so there is no one way to style it. Whether you wear your hair in an afro, twist out, or protective style, know that you can and should rock your natural coils with confidence. 


woman with light pink shirt and shocked expression with coily hair


So, did we miss any other common myths about natural hair? Which one made you laugh out loud or roll your eyes? Which one did you grow up believing in? Let us know on social media @nourishandshinebeauty

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