If my hair could talk

If my hair could talk

While all of my stories certainly won’t be hair-raising, I promise you a blog that gives off vibes of being styled yet unruly, tamed yet teased and always striving for that deep-conditioned, touchable body and bounce.



Hair we GO!
My hair knows everything about me! It knows what I am thinking, where I’ve been, what I’m doing and even more so – what I’ve done.

It was a GOOOD hair day!
You know what I’m talking about. Each curl twisted and twirled into irresistible curves around my face. Its ancestral patterns embodied my pride and heritage. And that velvety, voluminous texture was calling out for that admiring, side-eye glance.


I’m going to jump right in…
I truly dislike…ok I have to say it…I hate all the negative, cynical and self-defeating talk about natural hair.


Trends, Tips, and Behind the Scenes with Natural Hair Pro's!
I am joined by two gentlemen that are in the hair industry. Laurent owns Liv’s Barber Shop here in Brooklyn. And, Rudy is his premier barber.

Part 1
Part 2


"Everything Has Beauty, But Not Everyone Sees It."

Curls to go

Moisture to go, elongation to go and style to go can be yours…when you use the Curls To Go™️ leave-in conditioner, styling cream, styling gel and curl hydrator.