Moisturize, Prime & Style for Curly/Coily Hair (3-Pack)

Restorative Butter: Bestseller for all the best reasons. Delivers hydrating and restorative benefits, leaving hair moisturized with enhanced shine and texture. Lightweight and perfect for wash and go's, touchups, twist outs, or whenever quick, healthy hair care is a must.

Frizz Less Foaming Curl Primer: A fabulous foaming formula. This super-lightweight, mousse texture with sunflower oil and honey wraps around your textured strands to smooth and sculpt while elongating and defining. This primer seals the cuticle to create a barrier between your hair and moisture in the air to help prep and prime your curls for easy, frizz-less styling. No alcohol. No butane. No propane.

Curl Defining Cream: An incredible curl definer. Sunflower and avocado oils combine in a creamy consistency that makes application quick and simple. Leaves your hair shiny and soft with beautiful definition.

Salon-inspired Formulas

We have reimagined our brand to bring customers cruelty-free, multi-benefit products. Formulated to simplify the hair care routine for every curl type.



Both my boyfriend and I use this cream and we both think it is INCREDIBLE. Now my sister is using it too. We all love that it is so lightweight.


In love with the smell of this butter and it never feels greasy or heavy on my hair! It is my go to for my curls. It may sound corny but my hair really feels nourished and shined whenever I use it. :))


I just used this yesterday during my wash day. I was sceptical of using the primer in lieu of my normal leave in but I absolutely loved the results of my twist out! I definitely plan to use it again.

Los Angeles, CA

I love this product! It was such a change in my twist out style. I highly recommend it!

Los Angeles, CA

I LOVE the products I've tried!!! Revitalizing LC is amazing!!! My hair has NEVER retained moisture like it does with this product!


These products gave my hair LIFE!!! It gave me so much body, definition, moisture & shine

Los Angeles, CA


Yes, definitely! The Nourish & Shine® products are color-safe.

No, our products do not contain sulfates.Sulfates can strip the hair of its natural oils. As many of you know, curly hair can dry out fast so there are NO sulfates in our formulations or products.

Parabens are classified as a preservative that may allow products to last longer. However, they can cause curly hair to dry out and frizz which is not optimal for the health of your hair. So, there are NO parabens in our formulations or products.

Silicones are synthetic ingredients that are often used in hair products to give that feeling of slip in hair products. However, it coats the strands and with regular use, it can result in a buildup that may weigh down your hair. So, there are NO silicones in our formulations or products.

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